It’s impossible for a heavenly Lord to fight her hard and get away with it

A moment later
Two figures suddenly settle down.
The surrounding dreams have dissipated.
Zhu God’s body also showed several blood stains, and the whole person gradually melted into pieces of blood fog with the surrounding dreams!
Seeing this, God Jun, God You and others look pale.
They know that God Zhu has saved them.
At the same time
Heaven Lord, Heaven Lord and Xuan God fled to heaven in three different directions.
Although budo Zun is strong, it is impossible to leave the three of them!
Wu Daozun’s figure moves one step at a time and then comes to our headquarters and raises my hand and hits it!
Our headquarters Lord felt the crisis behind him and didn’t want to offer a cold light flashing treasure mirror to bless Daoyin to resist the past behind him.
A loud noise!
Wu Daozun smashed this precious mirror with his fist!
Our headquarters master was shocked and vomited blood, and his body stumbled and almost fell to the ground.
Even if there is a treasure mirror to resist him, he still can’t carry Wu Daozun’s fist!
Our headquarters Lord is extremely embarrassed and shouts, "Your strength is beyond the limit of the world! This is impossible! "
Wudaozun said nothing, followed by the second punch.
The sense of crisis is getting stronger and stronger, and he has no mind to pay attention to our headquarters.
Kaka, Kaka!
With a burst of cracking, the mirror was smashed by Wu Daozun with two fists!
Our headquarters’ main arm can’t bear this amazing power, and it was broken inch by inch by the second punch, and a cloud of blood fog broke out!
Chapter three thousand one hundred and fifteen See the light of day
Heaven Lord and Xuan God looked back and saw this scene with horror.
I’m afraid the Lord of our headquarters is running out of luck, and the two of them dare not turn around to help.
Otherwise, the two of them will be hammered to death by the wild emperor Wu!
This idea just flashed from my mind and there came a scream from our headquarters.
Wu Daozun’s third punch arrival directly shattered our headquarters main body!
Our headquarters Lord Yuan God broke the blood fog and fled away in the distance.
But Wu Daozun was prepared.
Boom one!
A huge ancient door came, sending out an eerie smell, blocking the retreat of our headquarters Lord Yuan Shen.
Our headquarters master noticed something was wrong and hurriedly retreated.
But the ancient door suddenly emerged a huge dark vortex surging with exhausted magic gas, and generate showed a huge suction to drag him into it!
Hell’s gate arrival!
Our headquarters master’s face changed greatly, and he realized that the cruel color in budo’s eyes flashed and he would blow himself up.