What’s more, the group of Monkey King in Chihai will soon follow him, and he won’t have much time to study it.

"Close to some …"
Monkeys whisper to each other
Su Mo’s previous step almost relied on this stone pillar.
The monkey clenched his teeth and tried his best. Finally, he lifted his bloody palm and gently leaned against this dark stone pillar.
This dark stone pillar suddenly shook and shook off, and the road to heaven shook with it!
For a moment, this dark stone pillar full of cracks actually showed golden light in generate to disperse the surrounding fog.
Sumo looked intently.
These golden lights are traces of dark stone pillars. generate came out, and these traces formed two wild and unruly Chinese characters-Fight!
The Red Sea Monkey King kept chasing after them along Dengtian Road.
Looking at the many bones along the way, the Red Sea Monkey King looked very excited instead of sadness and anger!
"The bones of this road are left at the end of the era of fighting."
"Did the Emperor Dou Zhan bury this place when he created the forbidden secret book" Dou Zhan Tu Lu "for several eras?"
"Very likely!"
Several horse monkey kings are talking in secret.
It was a simple killing. I didn’t expect to have a chance to get this chance!
The Red Sea Monkey King naturally thought of this and suppressed the excitement in his heart as much as possible.
No wonder the blood apes have never seen the bones of the strong in the era of fighting.
I didn’t expect that they were all dead, and no one found them after several eras.
The world is too big!
This star black hole is like a gravel in the Ganges and a dust in the vast Xinghai, which is hard to be noticed.
Even if someone sees it, they are afraid to avoid being involved.
Even if there is a strong emperor who can withstand the damage of the star black hole and happens to meet this star black hole in the vast Xinghai, how can he rush into it?
No one knows whether there is any danger in the star black hole, and the strong will not rush in because of the unknown risks.
Just then there was a sudden loud noise ahead.
My feet are shaking slightly!
The Red Sea Monkey King and others stopped and looked indecisive, wondering what had happened ahead.
The fog in front of everyone was torn apart by the golden light.
The Red Sea Monkey King and others looked into the distance along the golden light and soon saw the huge, thick and dark stone pillar and saw the two characters of the stone pillar!
The Monkey King of the Red Sea has a bright eye.
If he didn’t guess wrong, this dark stone pillar should be the magic weapon that the Great Warrior was in charge of!
This magic show has been destroyed, with cracks all over it, and it has almost been broken. It is no longer the magic of the Great.
But even so, the broken emperor’s magic weapon is still indestructible and belongs to a rare treasure!
Sumo’s practice of getting the prison tripod of the great magic town helped him a lot.
"God help me!"
The Red Sea Monkey King was overjoyed.
Anger and sadness that have just lost their children have long since disappeared.
Now, it’s taboo to get the secret code of the twelve immortals, and he secretly thought, "You are a dead man, because I have raised you for many years and brought your father such a rare opportunity."
Chapter three thousand five hundred refining magic
Just when everyone had their own thoughts, they just bloomed and suddenly disappeared.
The Red Sea Monkey King and others didn’t want to leave quickly and galloped ahead.
It wasn’t long before they came to the dark stone pillar.
"No road?"
They soon noticed that the road to heaven was broken behind this dark stone pillar.
"What about those two people just now?"
When the Red Sea Monkey King and others arrived here, Su Mo and the monkey had already disappeared.
There is nothing to hide around, and the road to heaven has been broken. Those two people seem to disappear
"Do they know that the black hole next to the star where they will die has been buried?" A horse monkey king speculated
The Red Sea Monkey King came to the dark stone pillar and stared at a bloody palm mark. "If I didn’t guess wrong, these two people should have hid in this great magic weapon!" "
Many horse monkey kings flashed a trace of confusion with a slight zheng.