In a blink of an eye, when the first day of fighting was almost over, Huang Li Heibu and Wu Meng Angzhuo finally got together the nameplates needed to fight in the war zone, and the three of them came to the delivery zone together to prepare for the war zone.

Huangli Heibu and Wumeng Angzhuo were sent out without any abnormality and went directly to the waiting war zone.
But an accident happened when it was Dandan Aou’s turn.
Dandan Awu can’t start the battle. Almost at the same time, the nameplate on the theater appears very strange, indicating that "what you have done has attracted the attention of the core brothers. They have sent testers to sneak into the sixth theater and can’t send them until they have defeated the testers."
This is a Gregorian calendar with black cloth, and I didn’t expect special events. Danny Awu didn’t listen to the Gregorian calendar with black cloth and suddenly felt a little dumbfounded.
The most important thing is that the sixth war zone is so big that where should I go to find the tester sent by the core brother?
Fighting in the war zone is very different from fighting in Gong ‘a Yaoshan. The same Yaoshan brother will join a group to enter the war zone after the war zone has consolidated to a certain strength.
There is a drug mountain in Nami Peak, that is, there is a war group and then the younger brother of Nami Peak forms a war group. In actual war zones, there are usually about 10 to 12 war groups fighting.
Usually, the number of people in each chapter varies from fifteen to thirty.
When Huangli Heibu and Wumeng Angzhuo arrived, there were already 16 medicine repairs in the waiting war zone of Gong ‘a Yaoshan, and the total number of them reached ten as soon as the two of them arrived.
There are thousands of brothers divided into ten war zones, there are thousands of war zone nameplates, and a monk has to have 300 nameplates if he wants to fight out of the war zone, which means that there are only 26 people in the waiting area where Gong Yaoshan can appear.
It’s not bad to have reached ten.
The theory can reach 26, but the actual number can reach about 20, which has reached the limit. After all, many powerful medical repairs are not easy to be removed, and there will be many monks left in every war zone.
The monks in the war zone can’t see the battle list. At this time, I was a little surprised to see the black cloth in the yellow calendar and Wumeng Angzhuo. It’s understandable that the black cloth in the yellow calendar and the connections appeared. After all, he recently hugged Abe’s clothes and thighs and had some hope to deceive many people to follow.
However, the appearance of Wumeng Angzhuo surprised everyone. I didn’t expect that the younger brother of the yellow calendar black cloth could stand out. When did the yellow calendar black cloth already have such a strong power?
You know, even Ba Maw couldn’t bring his younger brother out. Can the change be so great after buttering up a core brother?
Slightly shocked a few monks also quickly accepted this fact.
Look at the number of people is almost the same. Ba Maw, who is tall and heroic, said, "Brothers are almost here. We can go to the war zone to get familiar with the terrain first, and maybe we can gain some advantages after the war."
Wu Meng An Zhuo and Huang Li Heibu are wondering what’s going on. Why did Danny Awu fall behind? Did something happen?
When I heard Ba Maw pick up, Wumeng Angzhuo looked at the yellow calendar and black cloth and let him make up his mind.
With a bright smile on his face, Huang Li said, "Listen to me, brothers. I have a big sister who has got enough nameplates in the war zone. It is estimated that the horse will come to the war zone. We might as well wait for her."
Ba Maw pick up eyes a little bright mouth said "there is a monk? That can wait, but it’s better to hurry up. If we don’t get in when there is a big war in the big theater, it will be quite passive. "
I don’t know what’s going on in Danny Awu’s mouth. "I swear to God, my elder sister definitely has enough war zone nameplates. I don’t know that she is now stranded in Gong ‘a war zone. I think she will definitely come out before the war in the war zone at the latest. By the way, I’m sure my elder sister will never suffer."
Left one, my elder sister, right one, my elder sister! Ba Maw picked up and asked curiously, "Who is your elder sister? Is it really so powerful? "
Chapter DiErSiQi Nai appeared
Huang Li Heibu proudly said, "My elder sister is naturally a master of Dan Dan Awu’s alchemy, with great potential and extraordinary fighting capacity."
Ba Maw pick up slightly one leng!
Buzzbir chuckled. "Come on, Danny Awxiu doesn’t seem to be particularly strong. The information shows that she is still in her early adulthood. You said that her fighting capacity is extraordinary?"
Gregorian calendar black cloth mouth said "just adult? That’s absolutely an illusion, okay, sister Bill? Think about it. Isn’t it better for a potential star monk to practice for ten years than for you and me? Her underage state is just an illusion. When we wait for Awu, the Gongyaoshan chapter will definitely increase its strength. "
Shamaqu said, "Really? According to what you said, isn’t Dandan Awu the first master of my tribute and medicine mountain? "
Gregorian calendar, black cloth, hey hey smiled. "Brother Qu Bie, I didn’t say that she must be the first. She must be very strong. As the saying goes, a hero and three helpers can help Brother Qu Bie, and only with a few helpers around can our team go further."
Shamaqu, don’t say coldly, "It will be an hour at most."
Ba Maw nodded and said, "After an hour, it will be about half an hour before the real war in the war zone, so we have to go in and get ready."
The yellow calendar and black cloth won an hour, and when they waited, they didn’t say much and nodded in agreement. When the war zone was temporarily quiet, the medicine repairers began to wait quietly.
In the seventh war zone, Dandan Awu searched for a long time and finally found traces of potential opponents according to the red light spot on the nameplate of his war zone, which made Dandan Awu a headache. The tester sent by this core brother layer was not a drug repair, but a very fast and cunning beast.
This guy looks like a fiery red fox. His eyes are particularly flexible. He can sense the position of Danny Awu and sneak in and launch a sneak attack on Danny Awu. If it weren’t for the small medicine, Danny Awu might be stabbed directly by it.
Dandan Awu found the spirit beast and judged that it was himself who went out to the war zone and launched a hunt.
In the seventh war zone, small and medium-sized Fokko fled quickly, and Dandan Awu followed with small medicine and launched a chase.
When Hou was in the war zone, an hour passed quickly. Gong Yaoshan actually killed another monk team and added another person, but Dandan Awu still didn’t see him.
Shamaqu stood up and said, "Black cloth is similar to Dandan Aou, which is like directly touching the assessment procedure of Nami’s core brother. Usually, this will only happen in Nami War Zone, but a few cases will directly appear in Yaoshan War Zone."
Ba Maw nodded and said, "Well, if Dandan Awu’s performance is really amazing enough, it is possible to test it like this, but it is not small. Maybe Dandan Awu can’t take the test and has failed the test and was expelled from the battlefield. In that case, we don’t need to wait for her."
Huang Li Heibu said slowly, "I firmly believe that Sister Awu will be able to pass the test and appear here because she promised to help me in the battlefield. She is very faithful."
Ga Jue Ji Yong said in a low voice, "The test of the core brother layer should have started long ago. If the tested person can stop for a quarter of an hour, it will be so long when you look at it now. Daniel Awu has not seen the trace yet, and even now he has really been eliminated."
Gregorian calendar black cloth leng leng
Wu Meng Angzhuo said carefully, "Will Elder Martial Sister Awu go after the tester?" The teacher elder sister didn’t know that it would be good to support the test for a certain time! "
The Gregorian calendar black cloth touched his head and mouth and said, "It’s very likely that I’m dizzy, too. I never thought such a wonderful thing would happen. Tell you what, brothers, you go in first. Angzhuo and I will stay and wait for Awu to go in and we’ll come back to the round when we have a chance."
Shamaqu and Ba Maw looked at each other and stopped talking. They strode to the delivery area.
At this time, Dandan Awu is really like Wumeng Angzhuo’s guess, and he is chasing Fokko in the sky.
The Dandan Awu Institute has made the core brothers of Nami Yaoshan look ridiculous, and at the same time, it has also made the brothers of Gong Yaoshan shout badly.
Avoiding the sneak attack of George W. Fokko and pursuing George W. Fokko, Dandan Awu has already passed the Yaoshan test. At present, Dandan Awu’s war zone has shown a high and strange status quo.
Dandan Awu’s name has appeared in a big list, showing that the core brother has purple and gold color
Those knowledgeable brothers in Gonga Yaoshan have judged that "Wow, Dandan Awu is so fierce that the Yaoshan theater test started the Nami core layer test and successfully passed the core brother of Nami Peak"
Naomi Chang also found the core younger brother’s assessment, and saw Dandan Awu after little Fokko. He was already on high alert and was very careful for fear that Dandan Awu accidentally caught little Fokko and put this little guy out.
This little Fokko is Naomi’s eldest brother’s favorite pet, and he has many wonderful gods. It would be bad if he lost it.
Seeing that it is getting closer and closer to the start of the war in the war zone, Chief Nami is considering whether to sneak Danny Awu out directly and let her go to the war zone. When she is suddenly surprised, Chief Nami is anxiously going directly into the seventh war zone.
At this time, Dandan Awu and Xiaoyao joined forces to spread an overwhelming net and covered Fiona Fang for ten miles and gradually tightened it.
Come and go, little Fokko can escape this time, and his body is forced out by the net, and he keeps fleeing, and his mouth squeaks in horror.
The ground kept rushing out with sharp thorns, trying to destroy the net. Unfortunately, the net was extremely tough and undamaged.
Danny Awu giggled. "Little guy, I don’t think you can run. I’m going to catch you. Peel it and use it as a scarf. Your fur looks quite good …"
There was a raging fire in the sky, and Fokko Jr. also knew how to fire, and the momentum was quite fierce.
Danny awu leng leng heart alert pay close attention to their wood property operation method will be broken by fire.
A moment later, Danny Awu’s little face showed a little bit of a smile and said, "How can the little fellow fire technique keep silent?"
Vine Skynet suddenly shrank and became Zhang Xu, Fiona Fang and Fokko were completely desperate, running around uneasily inside.
Dandan Awu’s mind moved. wood blade spun a sword and circled at the beginning. I believe this chop is enough to pass this test.
The powerful momentum formed in the sword wheel chop enveloped Xiao Fokko and Xiao Fokko’s little face with a look of panic and horror.