"Since everyone is so eager to listen to my new song, I’ll sing it for you first," he continued. "This song is a little fast, and you may not be able to hear it clearly the first time, but I will put the song and lyrics on the platform later, so that everyone can enjoy it slowly."

"Also," he paused and said, "Everyone knows that this song is for me to participate in the competition. It is also a song with a gambling contract with Long Jiu Ge. I hope everyone can support a lot of votes then, but don’t let me lose."
"Sing two songs or you won’t vote!"
"I’ll tell you if there are no two songs tonight!"
"Sing a bad review and sing two songs before voting!"
The audience finally caught this opportunity. How can they let him go easily? Immediately, someone in the room tried every means to threaten Wu Liang with rhythm.
Hum-hum, but how can such a naive method compete with experienced Wu Daguan?
Seeing him pretend that he didn’t see anything and didn’t hear anything, he instantly turned into a deaf blind man, took out a CD, stuffed it into the CD-ROM drive, and then clicked to play the CD.
"Listen to the song!" He shouted in an attempt to distract the audience in this way.
Many people were deceived by his koo expression, but someone always saw through his tricks.
"Cut the crap and don’t sing two songs. You will lose your baby today!"
"Just don’t try to divert our attention in this way!"
A large group of just people still hold their ground and defend their right to listen to music to the death.
But Wu Liang continues to play the little deaf and blind. I can’t see, I can’t hear the everlasting promise. I see, I hear, I used to have lingering …
When the music started, the number of typewriters in the chat bar was instantly reduced by half, and everyone was shocked when Wu Liang took a bite.
"The smoke in the rock burning shop is filled with smoke. Next door is the martial arts school.
There are three sections in the Mommy Tea Ceremony in the store … "
After a whole day of repeated recording, Wu Liang has already sung this song thoroughly, and he found that once he speaks too fast, the lyrics of this song are really not so easy to hear, just as the former singer did.
It seems that I misunderstood the original singer a little.
But when it comes to the audience, the effect is the same. Wu Liang sings and flies, but the audience is as stunned as the first time he hears this song!
"What song is this?" Some viewers asked inexplicably.
"I don’t know. I don’t understand a word."
"Is it Chinese?"
"I think so. I heard two words, tea ceremony."
"I heard three words, mommy."
"What will there be? What will there be?"
"I’m going crazy. Why can’t I understand a word?"
"Have I studied Chinese all these years?"
"The anchor sings slowly and can’t understand!"
"You don’t know how to sing slowly, so it’s not called rap!"
"But can you understand this?"
"I don’t understand. If I don’t see the lyrics later, it will be white. Now listen first!"
"Even though I can’t understand it, I still think this music is so magical!"
"I understand! Make nunchakus hum and hum!"
"I also heard this sentence!"
"nunchakus? Is this a tribute to Xia Zongyu? "
"Who cares? I think it’s really exciting to make nunchakus hum!"
"Martial arts people remember ninja enemies!"
"It’s the enemy of the benevolent!"
"Who cares? Anyway, the enemy is going to make nunchakus!"
"It’s burning! I’m about to have an orgasm in the last paragraph!"
"What does that sentence mean?"
"What does that mean in Hakka?"
"I am so cool by listening to it. How should I face it?"
"Breathe and breathe!"
"Is this about kung fu?"
"Nonsense, didn’t you see that this song is called" Nunchaku "?"
"Holy cow, I actually wrote the anchor of Chinese Kung Fu rap song, and you blew up!"
"Blow the sky!"
"Anchor, please take my knee!"
"anchor, I want to give you a monkey!"
Chapter one hundred and seventeen A dog eats a dog’s mouth.
A song "nunchakus" exploded the whole live audience!