The old man’s eyes are deep, even though he has entered the twilight, these dark blue eyes are still clear and bright, shining with wisdom.

Wu Huang!’
The old man said slowly, "I’m the protoss high priest. I hope you can take care of the overall situation and return to your world with the shortage of people to avoid this disaster-level war."
"Protoss has repeatedly made me wild, and I came here this time to ask for a debt," Sumo said.
"What happened in those days is a thing of the past"
The high priest said, "More than 2,000 years ago, my family Nianqi Jade Emperor also sacrificed the bones of the gods in the valley to complete redemption."
Su Mo said faintly, "I don’t want to pursue this time when the protoss committed another famine, and nearly 10 million creatures fell. How are you going to repay this blood debt?"
"Wu Huang, you have traveled all the way west to crush the protoss blood in the hands of many ancient cities in mainland China. I’m afraid there are tens of millions of these blood debts that both sides have already repaid."
The high priest Shen said
"Not enough"
Su Mo shook his head slightly.
"What do you want?"
Asked the high priest
Su Mo looked cold and said slowly, "I want the protoss to pay back this blood debt ten times!"
Just then a roar came from the city of God.
Followed by a roar similar to dragons, which sounded dignified and angry.
A huge monster beast rises slowly in the central god city, with a dragon head, but its body is like a lizard with wings behind it. It breathes flames in its mouth, and its eyes are fierce, threatening Su Mo and whispering.
On the back of this monster beast, there is a man with a huge pike and wearing golden armor, which smells terrible.
"Oh, my God, it turned out to be the Dragon Knight of the Temple!"
"My protoss dragon knight appeared!"
"Wu Huang will die!"
A cheer broke out in the city of God.
Many protoss saw this man with great morale and uplifting look.
One of the most powerful protoss knights in the protoss theory is the Dragon Knight.
Only the dragon of the protoss can qualify as a knight Jackie Chan.
The protoss dragons were almost all buried in the hands of two gods who died in the Shenshen Canyon in the ancient war.
Since then, the protoss dragon has disappeared from the mainland of China.
Many protoss didn’t expect that there was a dragon knight sitting in the city of God!
"Wu Huang"
The high priest’s eyes became deeper and said slowly, "I advise you to leave my protoss as soon as possible, which is beyond your imagination."
What does the high priest’s words seem to mean?
"What are you talking about with an alien?"
The Dragon Knight said coldly, "Aliens who dare to set foot in our protoss territory will be punished by God!"
At this time, there was another loud noise in the center of God City.
"Wu Huang, today is your death!"
A majestic sound sounded, and then a golden figure wearing a crown of God slowly rose and descended on the wall.
This person is from the wild mainland close Jade Emperor!
Jade Emperor’s right hand holds a big sword, and his face is covered with dark lines, and his left hand carries a dark shield, surging with ink-like fog.
Jade Emperor’s hand is the doom sword and disaster shield among the four great artifacts!
Su Mo’s eyes were slightly surprised.
He has refined Jade Emperor into a god’s blood. I didn’t expect the Jade Emperor to condense a body again in just a few days.
This is most likely due to the crown of God.
"Jade Emperor enemy!"
Many protoss saw Jade Emperor’s appearance and burst into a cry again.
Now the Jade Emperor Dragon Knight and the High Priest, the top three protoss, gather together to make the protoss momentum climb to the top!
Su Mo looked calm.
I have to say that the three uniting forces of protoss have almost reached the limit of power.
Even in those days, violet was not necessarily sure of winning for three people.
It’s a pity that they are facing budao Zun.
This is an anomaly in a world of three thousand!
Wu Daozun jumped out of the three realms and even the protoss prophecy could not detect his trace!
"Wu Huang, even if you are strong, you are limited in this world."
Jade Emperor Avenue "I already know your strength! You can beat me alone, but you can’t beat the three of us. You can’t beat our protoss billions of troops! "
"All protoss listen to my call …"
Just then, Jade Emperor raised his sword of doom, paused a little, and shouted at Sumo in front, "Kill me!"
A great roar broke out in the city of God.