This aversion seems to stem from chaotic violet inheriting memory.

It is a combination of three lotus plants: nature, karma and merit. His memory is still incomplete. How can we see what happened in those years?
But surely the chaos and violet are shattered, and these two heavenly hallows are also connected!
Another strange thing happened to him.
Even when the Lord, Yin and Yang, came to the Lord, there was no difference between the two sacred stones.
However, after the arrival of the two heavenly hallows, the two sacred stones, Candle Zhao and You Ying, seemed to perceive something and suddenly hid their breath without showing any power fluctuation.
Even if Su Mo tried to read the spirit to fuel the two sacred stones, there was no response!
After soaring into the world, the two sacred stones show that the Hanazono Sakura world is in different States and awakening consciousness can cultivate itself
It is precisely because of this that Su Mo concluded that the two sacred stones, Candle Zhao and You Ying, should come from the world.
Now, the two heavenly hallows are shocking and the two sacred stones are dormant!
Su Mo looked at the half-mountain leader and the evil Lord and looked worried.
I’ve just been forced to carry Tai Chi Tu, and the mountain sanctuary has been broken and I’ve been injured.
The evil Lord was wounded by two holy lords and suppressed by the mysterious yellow tower of heaven and earth. It is unknown whether he can withstand an attack!
I didn’t expect the so-called chance to drag the two Great Sages in this forbidden area, which is likely to be wiped out!
Su Mo, after all, these people are small fish, and all the great lords have nothing to look at.
Great Sage is the real goal of the five holy places!
The Yin and Yang Lord hung a Tai Chi picture on his head, imposing and commanding. Looking at the mountain leader, he looked indifferent and slowly said, "You should have died more than six billion years ago!"
"You should be content to live today."
When the Lord held the Xuanhuang Tower of heaven and earth in his hand, he was not in a hurry to make moves. He was still waiting.
Want to see if the Lord and others will show up.
It’s a pity that all three of them didn’t show up from the end.
When the Lord looked at the evil Lord, his eyes were full of pity and he said lightly, "Those three are really heartless and indifferent to seeing you die."
Instead of answering, the evil Lord looked at the other side of the mountain and said with a straight face, "It’s time for you to make a choice in this life."
"You are the first Terran born in heaven and earth. You are practicing human avenue. You are not only the Lord of life but also the Lord of humanity!"
All beings are in uproar!
Su Mo and Butterfly Moon smell speech are also mind-shattering!
Two people glances at the same time thought of one thing.
When the butterfly moon was seriously injured, the humanity in the six abyss jumped in the hell, but it finally appeared in the wild mainland.
And the wild mainland has all kinds of strangeness.
Not to mention the wild, diverse races and numerous ethnic groups.
It’s shocking that many treasures appear in the wild mainland alone!
Even the candles and shadows, which originated from the vast world, are all gathered in the wild continent.
It makes sense to say that the wild continent was once a fragment of humanity cultivated by the Lord of Life.
Because of the shortage of natural resources, the birth of the mainland originated from the world!
The Lord of Life was hit hard in those years, and a fragment of humanity was scattered to the Hanazono Sakura world and turned into a desolate continent.
Butterfly Moon said, "I once told you that it is strange that many terrans in the wild mainland have no spiritual roots."
"Now that I think about it, it is not difficult to understand if the wild continent evolved from a fragment of humanity."
The original Sue ink heart some doubts have the answer at this moment.
No wonder there are four ways in the middle of the world without heaven and humanity.
Because humanity has no roots in the world.
Looking at the white-haired old man Su Mo was sighing.
I didn’t expect that this old man who kept Xuanzang Mountain all day long was not only the Lord of life but also the Lord of humanity!
However, the humanitarian master’s four ways do not seem to be close.
"What about the humanitarian Lord?"
The Lord of Yin and Yang sneered slightly, "Your time is up, and no name of the Lord can save you!"
Just then, Shanchang’s palm reached into the wide robe sleeve and slowly took out a break from the inside.
See this roll broken Su Mo heart movement.
He lived in Xuanzang Mountain for several years, and every time he saw the mountain leader, there was always a ruin around him.